MFA Thesis Project

University at Buffalo Visual Studies department


The works in Transactions, and those leading up to them, are an entry point into a large, complex, potentially never-ending dialog about the nature of space, time, behavior, and language. My work enters this dialog by looking at how time and space can be visualized simultaneously, for the purpose of investigating the structure of physical actions over time. Following both scientific and art-historical precedent, I am using the medium of my generation (digital information) to create a tool for representing reality in a manner we cannot perceive by default.

The Transactions exhibition was held at Buffalo Arts Studio, April 7th - May 26th 2012. The exhibition included six large format digital prints (Bow, Cartwheels, Catch, Fight, Handshake, and Swing Yer Partner), a laser-cut acrylic sculpture (Embrace), the two Sculptures With Time, and a video projection which alternated between the HD Video Dynamism of a Dog in a Wheelchair and the interactive piece Chronoscape.